So you want to know about Tyson huh? Well here goes, I'm 27, I have been working in aerospace related industry for about 6 years, I have been doing minor programming for most of those, but only for work specifically for about 2.5 years. I am familiar with visual basic, c/c++, perl, ada, and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting right now. I go to school at University of New Mexico currently and am attempting to retain a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering.
On to the fun stuff, I really enjoy working on integrating different pieces of hardware with software. Hands down my favorite class at UNM was Microprocessors taught by Dr. Pollard. I am hoping that there will be more classes in this line, but from what I can tell I shouldn't get my hopes up. But hey everyone has a dream.
I live in the wonderful land of Albuquerque today it's hot, looks like tommorrow will be hot too, I can only wait until winter where it's simply not as hot.
Some of the projects I have on my plate include:
  1. Read CAN bus data from my car, this includes building a microcontroller setup that communicates with my PC to send data that I'm reading over SPI.
  2. My neverending project the Arcade I bought at a garage sale (which might finally get more work done on it when I get my logic analyzer)
  3. Housework of course.
  4. Building a remote controlled car that automatically follows walls.
  5. Gear indicator for my motorcycle using hall effect sensors.
  6. Blogging (It's neverending....LOL)
  7. Wiring up my house for Cat 5
  8. The list goes on...
Right now I have a blog, check it out Onablog