Tyson Bailey

Hi, I'm Tyson, I'm a (computer|software|crazy) (engineer|thinker|problem solver). I have a lot of interests, embedded systems, mobile programming, space travel, you name it. I went to school at the University of New Mexico. The biggest thing I learned is that school doesn't make you what you are, YOU do. I've got a strong North Dakota work ethic. I strive to be an innovative thinker. I am always reading up on new technologies, and looking for ways to apply them to either existing or new projects. I am an excellent communicator check out my blog, and I take a proactive approach to everything I work on, I decided that running test scripts manually at work was crazy, so I automated it. I don't like to sit around and leave stuff broken, I fix stuff. Anyways there are links to my social things down there on the bottom, chat with me on twitter, or let's collaborate on github! If you'd like to hire me for full time or freelance you can email me first name @onaclovtech.com or contact me via twitter.

Thanks, can't wait to chat. While you're waiting check out my blog

My "Informal" Education or Things I've done (for fun):

Android Apps

I've built a handful of apps, additionally I was asked by Stoneway Financial to make them an Android App.

My Android Apps


I've really taken a liking to AngularJS, I've built some apps with it, AngularFireBlog and CinchTeams to name a few. I try to post up on Github so check out my profile in the links at the bottom



NodeJS has been fun to play with. Right now I am mainly using it to serve files for my Roku, and serve pages for my AngularJS Projects, however my plan is to setup a MEAN stack and actually connect Node to my Angular Apps, I even begain writing a roku remote in it (crazy right?)

Simple File Server in Node JS

Virtual Machines

I've been having a blast playing with Virtual Machines I have set them up at work to run mass automated testing, and setup personal ones for developing projects, I can't praise them enugh, check them out!

How I setup my local VM's


I've written a handful of things in Python, text to speech for my Raspberry Pi, and a way to play a bunch of TED Talks in a random order. I even setup a retro game emulator.

Text to Speech


I've hooked up my Arduino to a Bluetooth Serial Module, and communicated to my phone (and controlled it) with some buttons in a glove all over bluetooth.

Check out my favorite project I posted on Youtube

Languages I know:




Visual Basic








Places I (have|do) work(ed)?:

Honeywell (do)

Software Engineer

  • Outstanding Engineer Award Recipient.
  • Submitted 5 disclosures for patent.
  • Independently designed and implemented Automated System Testing on a system 10+ years old which had never been automated. This is expected to save a large quantity of man hours, consistently whenever testing is required.
  • Responsible for schedule and cost of myself and my team.
  • Written multiple scripts saving 50-100 hours of manual labor, as well as, auto-generated 3 million line test script saving countless man hours.
  • Designed and built converter from aircraft data to Google Earth, allowing a 3 dimensional analysis of flight paths to troubleshoot customer problems.
  • Designed and implemented new UI for military weapons system.
  • Datalink Expert (In Flight Management Systems)
  • Organize(d) A Monthly Hack Night

Lockheed Martin (have)

Electronics Technician

  • Troubleshot simulated aviation equipment and electronics.
  • Overall systems knowledge on various I/O systems.
  • Operated and Repaired 6 on site simulators.
  • Worked with Real-time Systems.

My "Formal" Education:

University of New Mexico

  • GPA 3.6
  • B.S. Computer Engineering
  • Software Team Leader for senior design project.
  • Enabled data transmission between two software defined radio's.

Lake Region State College

  • A.A.S in Simulator Maintenance Technology

My References:

Are available upon request

I'm not going to post my friends/collegues numbers online, they might not want to be references much longer if I did :)